Road Map

UK Hydrogen Association

Your facilitation of your Future-Basing® process was interesting and motivating, and the workshop was excellent. All together, it was a grand way to start the process of creating a unified road-map for hydrogen technologies in the UK, and to find common ground for a coordinated large-scale project with multi-regional collaboration.

The Future-Basing® process is truly an amazing tool for stimulating creativity and fostering teamwork. Thanks again for sharing your talents and knowledge with us.

Karen Hall, Administrative Manger, UK Hydrogen Association (July 2012)

Post script to the above www.ukhfca.co.uk February 2015

UK HFCA seeks holistic approach to support hydrogen fuelled vehicles

The UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association welcomes Government plans to support hydrogen fuelled vehicles and associated infrastructure via its Ultra Low Emission Vehicles Strategy. In line with the Government’s aim to establish the UK as a lead market for the introduction of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the UK HFCA is calling for a holistic [...]

Personal Career Journey

Not a week goes by where I don't think about my career and the journey I want to go on. I always think of the Future basing technique that you taught me, and it stands me in really good stead when I want some focus! 

Martin Wallbank, BAE Systems

Life Changes

Having gone through Future-basing with you on several subjects, I used it to make some big changes in my life. I appreciate the principles and process of Future-basing because it helps me to focus on what really makes a difference and what it takes to achieve that. 

It brings one away from the "I can't" mentality and substitutes the "what will it take to" way of thinking. My Mom always told me I could achieve anything I really put my mind to, and Future-basing provides the tools and structure to focus my mind.

Senior Manager in International Research

Local Government

“We don’t normally use this kind of language in writing plans and objectives, do we? I just can’t stop smiling!”  

Best Value & Improvement Consultant, IDeA (2004)

“It’s a stunningly simple concept, and yet it really works in bringing people together.”

Locality Manager, Local Authority Adult Care Services (2005)

International Federation Red Cross & Red Crescent

“Everyone who works internationally for the Red Cross & Red Crescent Movement is trained in the Seville Agreement, which was facilitated using Future-basing at Montreux in June 1997” 

Principal Training Officer, Training Support Service, IFRC (1998)

Just Got On With My Life

“Everything - absolutely everything - that I had put in my plan has come true! Not only has it come true, but it's all happened a couple of years earlier that I imagined. My life is so good right now I can't believe it! The mapped out sheet did not become my bible. I did not refer to it regularly in fact not ever. It was not an all-consuming plan to which I paid daily homage. I did not have to repeat a million times a day “I will be successful.” I just wrote it down and got on with my life.” 

Software Specialist, University of Greenwich (1998)