Not long ago, I received a voicemail message on my mobile telephone, which went something  like this:  "Hello Bill. I don't know if you remember me, it's Keith. About three or four years ago, you did some personal coaching with me when I was a Visitor Centre Manager, and you got me to imagine the kind of future I wanted using your 

Future-basing® technique.  

I was arriving home on my motorbike a couple of weeks ago, and it suddenly dawned on me that everything - absolutely everything - that I had put in my plan has come true! Not only has it come true, but it's all happened a couple of years earlier than I imagined. I just really wanted to let you know and to say thank you. My life is so good right now I can't believe it!"  

We spoke on the telephone a few days later when Keith told me his news in more detail. I asked if he would kindly send me a very brief note of the things he had envisioned so that I might include them in a book I was planning to write. He did more than that, and with Keith's permission I reproduce here his (almost) unedited account.  


Keith's Story An Inspirational Tale (pdf)


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