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Life In Spain

Future in Spain

Barry told us that he and his partner had created their vision, “and we wrote it as a description of the view from our apartment in Barcelona." His partner had experienced Future-basing three years before, introduced him to it, and they had built their vision together.  "The only thing is, instead of Barcelona, it’s turned out to be in Valencia.” He said, laughing.  

Cherry Tree House

Personal Futures

Carl and his wife had a Future-basing® vision of moving into a house, a key feature of which was patio doors looking out onto a garden, with a cherry tree in the centre, in bloom and framed in the view through the doors. He told us, “we moved into that very house on the first of May, and there was the cherry tree in bloom, just as we imagined it.”  

New Year Visionaries

Vision Creation

Years ago, Anne started a tradition in her family. Each New Year’s Day all six of them would get together and Anne had shown them how to do Future-basing®. They would each write down what a great year they’d had from the future-base of the next New Year’s Day. Anne would then keep each person’s vision sealed in an envelope with their name on it for the following year. They were always amazed at the results.

Perfect Partner

Birth of an Idea

One of the most unexpected stories was a dear friend of ours who was tired of not being in a loving relationship and wanted to Future-base her ideal man. A few months later she told us she had found him – in the company where she worked. And he was just how she had imagined him. They are now parents to a beautiful little boy.  

By The Sea

Personal Achievement

Keith was in a coaching session at a challenging time in his life, and was hoping for a miracle. The idea of writing down how he wanted things to be in five years time seemed pointless and ridiculous, (except that this was Future-basing®). He wanted change NOW! Less than three years later, he was on the phone. You can read and download the story he sent us.

Keith's story

University In France

Personal Development

Caroline had been Future-basing with the Board of a small UK manufacturing company. This was her University sandwich year. Two years later at a business event, she told me her personal Future-basing had taken her to finish her studies in France. She now spoke fluent French, and introduced her parents and brother who were also enthusiastic Future-basers.  

imagination changes history forever!



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Building vision or planning the future with Future-basing® has a number of benefits compared to other methods.  To discover some of these benefits, click below

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