Future-basingĀ® is a powerful process for creating a vision of how you want things to be. It is a specially structured way of thinking that makes it easier to:

  • pick a date in the future by which time you want success
  • define what you really want to achieve
  • identify the steps that make it happen

It can range from being highly creative and generative of new ideas and behaviours, to being tightly structured and specific. It is an ambition-building process that will work well for you as an individual. Ā Groups, teams, companies and organisations of all kinds experience an ease of working together, arising from an electric sense of common purpose .


2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi, Is it the same as Future Mapping? You had an article in 1996 about this topic. I also saw an implementation by Masanori Kand and Paul Scheele. Is my feeling correct that these are similar thought processes to setting goals and achieve them?

    1. Hi Elemer,
      Thank you for your question. Yes the article I published in 1996 was about Future-basing. At that time, I was working with a consulting company who persuaded me to rename the process to Future-Mapping, because the Managing Director thought it better described what it does. I changed the name back to its original because it is unique, and because an American consulting company had registered the name Future-mapping as a trade mark in the USA.

      Masanori Kanda’s process called Future Mapping is a very interesting technique, also designed for creating visions of an ideal future, but it is quite distinct and unrelated to my process. It is also more complex to learn and do. Future-basing has proven to be a very potent method for working with groups and teams, and to this end, it is more rapid and less complex to facilitate and get results than Masanori San’s method.

      I hope this answers your question adequately, and I would be happy to offer you more information if that should be useful to you.

      Kind regards, Bill

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